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Using PDF Documents

PDF ("Adobe Portable Document Format") is a platform independent document format of the firm Adobe.

To display or print PDF documents on a website or on a PC you require the freely available Adobe Reader. The latest version of the Adobe Reader can be downloaded using the adjoining link and installed.

You have several possibilities to view, print or download the documents:

  1. Left mouse click on the "PDF-Download"-Link, the document is opened using the Adobe Reader on the Website. In the reader window in the toolbar on the left, use the printer icon to print or the diskette icon to download (“save as“) a copy.
  2. Right mouse click on the "PDF-Download"-Link and select “save target as“. In the pop-up dialog, save the document on your PC. Depending on your browser version, when you click on a link, a “File Download” dialog may appear which offers you the choice of “open“ or “save“.
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